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Altar Server Training

Server Training

Server Training for All Children in 3rd Grade and Up Who Have Received their First Holy Communion

Children can attend any of the three scheduled training sessions:

Wednesday August 30 - St. Mary's 6:30-7:30pm

Sunday September 3 - St. Teresa 12noon-1pm

Sunday September 10 - All Saints-St. Joseph Campus 12noon-1pm

Thank you for allowing your young person to be a servant and lead people in prayer.
I truly enjoyed the Altar Server Training.  Fr. Hollowell and I are very patient and do not expect perfection overnight!  But we will get there.  

1- Please arrive 15-10 minutes early
2- Please wear shoes (not flip flops) 
3- Youth grade 3-7 will wear white albs- 8th grade boys and up will wear cassocks and surplice.

In His Service,
Fr. Jonathan Meyer

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